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Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Old Greenwich

If your home or business is hit by water damage Old Greenwich, it’s critical that you respond immediately by calling your local water damage restoration professionals. Water exposure can quickly lead to warped floorboards, compromised support structures, and can lead to mold and microbial growth.

By calling the water damage professionals at Restoration 1 immediately following a water related disaster, you can save your home or business from further damages in addition to improving your chances of receiving fair coverage by your insurance provider. The water damage restoration crew at Restoration 1 is available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you recover from your water damage.

water damage restoration

does your Old Greenwich CT property need water damage restoration?

Old Greenwich Water Extraction Services

water damage restoration

Standing water in your home or business can begin causing damage immediately. By calling the water damage Old Greenwich restoration experts at Restoration 1, we can utilize our industry leading water extraction equipment to remove all of the water quickly. Our water extraction process involves:

  • Extracting water from carpets, pads and upholstery
  • Drying contents to mitigate potential mold growth
  • Locating hidden water using special equipment
  • Dehumidification (removing water from the air)

The Water Damage Old Greenwich Restoration Process

When you find water damage in your home or business, call the water damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 and we will immediately send out one of our water damage restoration technicians to inspect your water damage. From this inspection, we can begin building a restoration plan with cost and timeline estimates that are guaranteed to be accurate.

The first phase in restoring your property from water damage is the water extraction phase. By using our industry leading water extraction equipment our water extraction team will work around the clock if necessary to remove every last drop of water from your property, as quickly as possible. This emphasis on quick water removal saves your property from further damages and repairs.

When your home or business is damaged by a water related disaster, some building materials within your home or business may end up needing to be removed to minimize damages and prevent future mold growth.

In the next phase of the restoration process, our water damage restoration team will work to dry your property, by utilizing our industrial grade blowers and dehumidifiers. By returning your home or business to its naturally dry state, we protect your property from any further water damage and prevent any mold growth from taking hold.

Restoration 1 handles your insurance claim for you, documenting the entire process with photos, itemized cost breakdown and notes. We utilize this documentation to ensure you receive fair coverage from your insurance provider.

As a licensed general contractor, Restoration 1 is able to complete every type of repair needed to return your home or business back to its pre-loss condition.

Work With Old Greenwich's Most Trusted Water Restoration Company

If your sink overflows, a pipe bursts, or a flood strikes, the emergency response team at Restoration 1 is available 24/7 to repair water damage Old Greenwich. Restoration 1 offers customers start to finish water damage restoration, completing every job in the restoration process without the need for hiring a third party contractor. So if you need water damage restoration services, call us today to schedule your free water damage inspection.

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Water damages everything in its path. Restoration 1 is available 24/7 so you never have to wait to receive help.

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Our team has decades of experience, is highly trained, and fully certified as water damage restoration technicians.

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