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Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

Sewage backup cleanup is a job that requires professional intervention. This is largely in part due to the harmful contaminants contained in raw sewage and the offensive odors that are emitted. Restoration 1 of Fairfield offers certified sewage cleanup services to ensure your property is returned to pristine condition and is suitable for habitation.

Sewage needs to be removed from commercial and residential properties as soon as possible. Left untreated, sewage damages building materials, contaminates the premises, and requires costly repairs. It is impossible to utilize the space when there is a sewage backup issue.

Call Restoration 1 of Fairfield for professional sewage backup cleanup services. We respond 24/7 to help you when you need it most.

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Professional Sewage Cleanup & Removal

In the event that your property is impacted from a sewage overflow, contact Restoration 1. We’ve been providing professional restoration services to residential and commercial properties for many years. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our team of licensed technicians will complete every step of the restoration process following the most recent safety guidelines. When you work with Restoration 1, you will receive:

Certified Sewage Cleanup

Our team of certified technicians understand how to safely cleanup after a sewage related disaster, which requires a knowledge of the safety guidelines set forth by the IICRC. 

Sanitary Disinfection

Sewage is a toxic substance. If left untreated, any surface that was contacted by it may pose health risks. Our team uses a series of techniques to disinfect your property.

Comprehensive Restoration

Once the sewage is cleaned up, there may be a number of repairs that will need to be made in order to restore your property. Restoration 1 is able to complete any necessary repair.

Call Restoration 1 If Your Property Needs Sewage Cleanup

The Sewage Cleanup Process

When you contact Restoration 1 after noticing a sewage related disaster on your property, the first thing we’ll do is send out a sewage damage expert to conduct a thorough inspection of the situation.

In the event that there is standing sewage on your property, the first step will be to remove the sewage water. Utilizing industrial grade extraction equipment, our team will work to quickly remove whatever water there is on your property, allowing us to safely address any damages that occurred.

Water damages building materials rather quickly, but unlike clean water damage, due to the nature of sewage, the damage can be much more extensive. After cleaning up the excess water, we will work to remove any saturated or unsalvageable materials from your home or business to clear the way for a safe and comprehensive restoration.

To protect against the growth of dangerous bacterias and molds, last step we need to take, before completing the necessary repairs, is to ensure that the area is complete dry. Utilizing industrial blowers and dehumidifiers, we will work around the clock to remove any excess moisture from your property, returning it to a safe and dry state, before moving on to the repairs.

As with all of our restoration jobs, the project isn’t complete until your property has been restored to its pre-disaster condition. In this case, any damaged materials that had to be removed, in addition to any plumbing issues that caused the sewage damage to occur, will have to be repaired. As a licensed general contractor, there is no job that is too big for Restoration 1 to handle.

Safe Sewage Handling

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One big reason to hire professionals to handle your sewage backups or cleanup needs, is that the substances that you are exposed to during this process are highly toxic and pose a number of serious health concerns.

When you work with Restoration 1, our team of IICRC certified technicians will follow the guidelines set forth by the IICRC, which mandates the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), when addressing sewage contamination. This includes wearing respirators, disposable coveralls, and eye, foot, hand and head protection to protect from possible inhalation or skin contact with microorganisms and their by-products.

24/7 Emergency Services

Disasters don’t rest, and neither do we. Restoration 1 is ready to respond to your disaster when you need it most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Estimates

When your home or business has been hit by a fire, time delays can cause excess damage and cost you money. Restoration 1 will always provide you with quick and accurate estimates.

Accurate Start/End Timeline

Through decades of experience, our team at Restoration 1 has developed a reputation for giving quick estimates with accurate start to finish timelines.