Local Smoke Damage Cleaning & Deodorizing Professionals

Professional Fire Smoke Cleanup

Often times, smoke damage from a fire causes just as much damage as the blaze itself. This is because the smoke and soot reach areas that are deep and difficult to clean such as your carpets, upholstery, behind cabinets, and walls as well. The result is corrosion and discoloration that is difficult to undo. Restoration 1 of Fairfield offers professional smoke damage cleaning and deodorization to make your property habitable again.

While you may feel tempted to start smoke damage cleaning yourself, it is highly discouraged. The oils and residues from the fire will only spread when wiped. Instead of making a bigger mess, enlist the help of Restoration 1. We have the expertise to leave your property in its pre-loss condition.

Our technicians utilize professional equipment and follow IICRC guidelines as the basis of all smoke damage cleanup projects. We respond to smoke damage of any complexity in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding area. Call us today to schedule an immediate inspection.    

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Areas Of Concern For Smoke Damage Cleaning

Depending on the materials that were burned in the fire, smoke can carry highly toxic chemicals. This chemical-filled smoke can travel through your ventilation, leaving a smelly, messy and toxic mess throughout your home or business. As such, smoke damage cleaning is often a challenging task. The soot and pungent odors cling to several materials, most notably:

Windows & Walls
Drapes & Furniture

Count On Restoration 1 For Smoke Damage Cleaning & Deodorization

The Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

If your home or business has been affected by a fire related disaster, make sure to call Restoration 1 immediately. Upon receiving your call, we will send out one of our fire damage restoration specialists to review the damage. 

In addition to the likely fire and water damage, there will undoubtedly be some level smoke damage, and our technician will be able to identify the extent of this damage and formulate a restoration and cleanup plan to return your home or business to its pre-disaster condition.

To the untrained eye, smoke damage appears to be only superficial. However, smoke damage penetrates your walls, flooring, carpets, and essentially every exposed surface within the fire affected area. Restoration 1 utilizes professional equipment and advanced cleaning techniques to remove all the lingering soot and smoke damage. Our smoke damage cleaning services are unmatched by competitors.

Beyond simply cleaning the soot and smoke residue from your home or business, the smell of smoke will linger and is far more difficult to remove. This odor can be obnoxious, and in severe cases can render your home or business uninhabitable.  Certain materials, like carpet, furniture, ceilings, and duct work, will require professional deodorization.

The final phase in the smoke damage restoration process involves repairing and replacing the highly damaged materials. As a licensed general contractor, Restoration 1 is able to complete all of the repairs necessary to return your property to its pre disaster condition.

The Importance of Immediate Smoke Damage Cleaning

Soot residue proves to be dangerous due to its origins — the burning of synthetic materials used in modern furniture, flooring and fabrics. As these chemicals, corrosive gases, and acids sit, the damage increases exponentially. This is the reason that a quick response to smoke damage is necessary. Left untreated, the following are all possibilities:

  • In a few minutes after a fire, plastics take on irreversible damage;
  • In a few hours, furniture and grout darken, metals tarnish, and fiberglass turns yellow;
  • In a few days, smoke damage to clothing, upholstery, furniture, and paint is irreversible. Metals will pit and rust. Vinyl floors will need replacement or refinishing; wooden floors will need sanding and refinishing.   
  • Weeks after the fire, smoke damage will be irreversible for most of the surfaces and items in a property including synthetic materials, silver, crystal, and glass.  
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Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke Damage Odor Removal

Our certified smoke damage restoration professionals will utilize various advanced smoke damage removal techniques to both eradicate the lingering odors and improving indoor air quality while maintaining the structural integrity of your property.

Using combination of thermal fogging, hydroxyl generators, and elbow grease will allow our team to deodorize even the most stubborn smells. As a last resort, we may need to remove the damaged materials, but as a licensed general contractor, Restoration 1 will quickly repair any irreversibly damaged building materials.