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24/7 Storm Damage Cleanup Services

While a beautiful place to live, Stamford and Fairfield’s close proximity to the Connecticut coast means that inclement weather can occur in an instant. At some point, you may find yourself in need of storm damage cleanup services. When the time comes, Restoration 1 of Fairfield is your trusted storm restoration company. 

The wrath of rain, wind, lightning, hail, and other elements take their toll. Seeking professional storm damage services ensures that your property weathers the storm. Restoration 1’s storm damage cleanup team offers cleanup, restoration, and storm damage repairs to make your home habitable.

Stamford residents rely on Restoration 1 any time of day or night to perform storm board up services, storm damage cleanup, and storm tree damage repairs throughout Connecticut. Call us today to schedule an inspection.

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Storm Damage

A major storm can cause significant disruptions to your life and damage to your property.  Restoration 1 is a full-service storm damage cleanup, restoration, and repair company that can assist with all of your needs after a storm. A fast response is key when your home or business has damage, which is why our caring team works to get you back on your feet. 

Whether gale-force winds blow your shingles away, or a downed tree impales the roof, Restoration 1 has the experience to care for your property. When you call us immediately, we work diligently to prevent secondary damages like structural collapse or mold. Our emergency restoration services include:

24/7/365 Response

Temporary Power System

Debris Removal

Odor Removal

Drying & Cleaning

Emergency Board Up

The Storm Damage Cleanup Process

When a tree, or branch, falls it can cause significant damage and create a serious mess. Before we can move forward with the restoration process, we will need to remove the tree using a tree removal specialist. Over the years in this industry, we have a built a small list of trusted contractors that we can schedule for you.

Commonly, as a result of a storm, your property will be exposed to the elements. Whether this be from a broken window or a compromised roof, Restoration 1 offers emergency 24 hour tarping and board up services to make sure your home or business is immediately secure following the storm. 

Following a storm, your property may experience a wide range of possible damages. Our team of professionals are equipped, educated and certified to handle comprehensive damage restoration. This means that if a tree crashes into the wall of your home and ruptures a water pipe, our team can fix the plumbing and protect your property from further damage.

As a licensed general contractor, Restoration 1 is a turnkey restoration company. We have the experience and equipment to repair any storm damage. From reconstruction and remodeling work, to water or fire damage restoration. Call Restoration 1 as soon as you notice storm damage on your property and we won’t stop working until your property has been restored back to normal. 

Emergency Storm Damage Board Up

emergency storm board up services

Unfortunately, you don’t always have time to prepare for a storm before it makes landfall. This is why Restoration 1 of Fairfield provides emergency storm board up service both before and after major weather events. 

In times when you have time to view the forecast and prepare, Restoration 1 secures the property before the wind and rain come. Preparation in this manner prevents damage and injuries from blow on windows and access points. Our storm board up team is able to protect the property without making cosmetic adjustments to your home or business.

Alternatively, when you don’t have plenty of time to prepare, Restoration 1 can still help. Call us immediately after the storm passes to care for your storm board up needs. This ensures that rain, vandals, and animals are kept out of the premises. 

Storm Damage Repairs

Once the storm passes, there are many tasks you need to attend to, including finding a reliable storm damage repairs company. Between fallen trees and damaging winds, your property may be facing broken walls, windows, and missing shingles. With this in mind, you want the best storm damage restoration and storm damage repair company in Stamford, CT and surrounding areas. 

You should never attempt DIY storm debris cleanup or repairs. This is a job for a professional storm damage cleanup team with the experience, training, and equipment needed. Restoration 1 meets and exceeds this criteria, a fact that has cemented our place as the most trusted storm damage repairs provider in the area.

Restoration 1 of Fairfield’s storm damage repairs technicians have the knowledge needed to effectively return your home or business to its pre-loss condition. Call us today for help returning to your normal day-to-day life.

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Is Storm Damage Covered By Insurance?

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If a storm causes damage to your house or business, your first priority is to contact your insurance provider. Because different insurance companies and policies cover storm damage differently, it’s important that you know whether or not your damage is covered before starting a tree removal and repair project. Insurance providers commonly cover storm or tree damage repairs, and sometimes even tree removal.

When you’re impacted by storm damage to your property, call Restoration 1 of Fairfield to help cleanup the mess. We will work with your insurance provider to get your property and life back to normal. 

24/7 Emergency Services

Disasters don’t rest, and neither do we. Restoration 1 is ready to respond to your disaster when you need it most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Estimates

When your home or business has been hit by a fire, time delays can cause excess damage and cost you money. Restoration 1 will always provide you with quick and accurate estimates.

Specialist Referral

Through decades of experience, our team at Restoration 1 has developed relationships with trustworthy specialists that we are happy to refer to you when needed.